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We want to encourage and inspire young people to exhibit their ideas and projects for creating a present society better in the future. Their ideas are creative and fresh. Lack of capital and enough opportunity to present their patents and ideas are the main causes why many ideas do not see the light of the day. 



Special focus of Innovation Week 2019 is on young people up to 20 who have the courage and idea to share with us! We would gladly offer mentorship and guidance for teen project and ideas for shaping our society.


How to apply:

Send us your proposal that clearly describe the idea, the aim of the project and the potential beneficiaries.

Proposals must be submitted as a PDF file by email to no later than Sunday, May, 5th.

For further information please contact us via email.

Gathering together to present the most innovative science ideas and technologies that will set industry forward, stimulate economy and solve important society issues is of vast importance – thus we want to engage with various stakeholders during the 5 days of May.

Be a part of Innovation Week 2019

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