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20-24 May 2019 / Belgrade

Powering economic growth while solving social and environmental challenges

How Innovation Can Accelerate The Impact Economy?

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During five days of May, Innovation week will bring together innovators, inventors, industry leaders, digital giants, opinion-makers and game changers to showcase and discuss the latest trends and innovation in science, technology , design, creativity, R&D, new product development having in mind impact on common good.

We will share knowledge and information to better understand future and rapidly changing world, global technological and economic landscapes, shifting trends across different sectors, as well as the ethical, moral, legal, and political implications of technologies implementations.


We want to discuss and discover the means of giving equal priority to both: economic growth and solving social and environmental challenges, contributing to public good and building a more responsible society.

Key Note Speakers

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May 20th

18.00 - 20.00

May 21st




11.20 -11.30

11.30 - 12.30

12.30- 13.00

13.00- 13.20

13.20- 13.40

13.40- 14.00

14.00- 14.45

14.45- 17.40

17.45 - 17.50

17.50 – 17.55

18.00 – 19.00


May 24st


17.00 - 18.00

18.00 - 18.10

18.15 - 19.00


19.30 – 19.45

19.45 – 20.00

OPENING SESSION AND COCKTAIL / Residency of Ambassador of Sweden

Honorary host welcome speech: H.E. Mr. Jan Lundin, Ambassador of Sweden in Serbia

Ivan Rakonjac, Innovation Fund, Director
Simona Jaćimović, student of Faculty of Agriculture 


Powering economic growth while also solving global social and environmental challenges


•    AFA Innovation week program board members, Ivana Jovičić, Blockchain Developer, Blinking; and Jelisaveta Lazarević, Teaching assistant and PhD student FEFA and AFA Project Lead 
Habib Lešević, J2C, Leadership Development & Executive Coach
Stuart Kohlhagen, the Science Nomad; Director "Science and Learning at Science Centre Solutions", “How to develop capacity for innovation”

OPENING “How to create National Framework for Boosting Innovative Ecosystems and Impact Economy? “
•    Nenad Popović, Minister without portfolio of Serbia in charge of innovations and technological development

Introduction: H.E. Jan Lundin, Ambassador of Sweden, “Sweden, country leader in innovations with high good country index”  

10.20 - 11.20 PANEL SESSION: “The Most Innovative Countries Experience “

•    H.E. Mr. Kurt Donnelly, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy
H.E. Mr. Pertti Juhani Ikonen, Ambassador of Finland 
H.E. Mrs. Alona Fisher Kamm, Ambassador of Israel
H.E. Ms. Ruth Caris Stewart, Ambassador of Australia
H.E. Mr. Philippe Gérald Guex, Ambassador of Switzerland 

Moderator: H.E. Mrs. Kati Csaba, Ambassador of Canada 

Refreshment break

PANEL SESSION: “How to build Serbian innovation ecosystem?“

    Vesna Crnojević Bengin, BioSense Institute cofounder
Stefan Lazarević, CEO NCR Serbia (tbc)
Ivan Bjelajac, CEO MVP Workshop
Klod Kolaro, Vice President and General Manager, Comtrade System integration International
Vladimir Trkulja, UNICEF Venture fellow and Startit co-founder
Sandra Rodić, Access to finance, USAID Cooperation for growth project

Moderator: Jelena Galić, President of the Executive Board, AIK Bank  

Key notes:
Branislav Vujović, President of New Frontier Group, “Innovation through business model”
Nikolaos Dimitriadis, CEO, Trizma Neuro,”How to Apply Neuroscience in Business”
Inbal Polak, Co-founder & CIO of NEOME Women Investing Club / Transformative Power of Human Capital: Alternative and Innovative Investments
Cesar Sanchez, AirBus Vice President Southern Europe, Caucasus & Israel 

Networking lunch



Book presentation
Goran Skrobonja, Leonardo da Vinci book, Laguna 
Innovation in Agriculture
Ivana Gađanski, Research Fellow, BioSense Institut
Innovation in Healthcare and Pharma industry
Staša Stanković, PhD student in Genomic medicine Cambridge University 
Dr Ana Krivokuća, Research Assosiate, Institut za Onkologiju i Radiologiju
Innovation in Research field 
 Jovana Nikolić, Consumer Insights, Mbrain Train
Innovation in Ecology
Jelena Smiljanić, Head of Production, Esensa
Innovation in Electro-energy sector
Marko Bezbradica, professional associate for managing the international and regulatory portfolio, Elektromreža Srbije, CROSSBOW project
Innovation in financial sector
 Ivana Jovičić, Blokchain Developer, Blinking and Milica Lazarević, Software Developer, Blinking
Innovation in Real Estate and Architecture 
Mia Zečević, CEO, Novostan 
Vladimir Bojović & Sara Vasić, Junior Architects YOUTH by Arhi.Pro
Innovation in Education 
Siniša Dagary. CEO Sacret Life 
Innovation in Retail industry
Biljana Ždrale, Co-founder, Boostowski
Innovation in Creative Industry
Aleksej Vasić, GM and Photographer, Lumina Images 
Innovation in Telecommunications
Branka Pudrlja Durbaba, Senior Market Director and CMO, Vip mobile
Innovation in Gaming    
Miloš Paunović, CSR Specialist Nordeus
Innovation in ICT 
Jelena Ječmenić, Alliances and Channel Manager, Comtrade System integration international for Slovenia, Austria and UAE
Marija Mitrović Dankulov, Head of Innovation Center, Institute of Physics
Vukašin Vukoja, CEO and Co-founder, Tenderly
Nikola Mađarević, Senior Blockchain Engineer,
Nada Begenišić, Senior Technology Consultant, AIGO 

Member of AFA Executive board, Svetlana Tešić, Introduction 

Winners of Hack#teen “More girls in STEM”

online platform - Pitagora Escape Room

PANEL SESSION: “Technology Welcomes Girls”

•    Stefan Salom, Co-founder Infostud
Jasna Januš, Program Manager, Microsoft Development Center 
Nebojša Bjelotomić, CEO Saga 
Nataša Sekulić, Country Leader, IBM 
Nebojša Djurdjević, Digital Serbia Initiative

Pledge Signing & Photo Session

PKS Privrednik

EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE / Long Life learning - Creating a Labor Market for the future  

Key note speakers:
•    Stuart Kohlhagen, the Science Nomad; Director of Science and Learning at Science Centre Solutions, Canberra
Ivan Ostojić, McKinsey Partner 

Talk: Siniša Dagary, Innovation in education, talent development and learning,


Panel session: Innovation in how we work and future of employment
Moderator: Branimir Brkljač, Founder of Mokrin House
Ivana Paunović, Working Experience Manager, Nordeus
Macarena Botta, Uruguay ecosystem development 

Marko Beslać
Gymnasia Kragujevac , students participants on competition in Huston

AFA Annual Innovation Awards Ceremony – Jury representatives: Jelena Galić, CEO AIK Bank and prof.dr Dragan Lončar, Faculty of Economics, Kori Udovički, CEVES, Nebojša Đurđević, Digital Serbia Initiative, Toplica Spasojević, SPK Privrednik, prof. dr Zoran Ševarac, Faculty of Organisational Sciences 

Special Event In Partnership with Impact Hub

Regional Capital Market Conference

LOGO ReCap.png

May 23rd

11:30 - 16:30

10:00 - 16:30

16:30 - 18:00


May 24th

From talent to Growing Businesses /in partnership with Impact Hub - Regional Capital Market Conference

Panels, Fire-side chats @Amerikana, Dom Omladine  

Teenage Stage @Klub, Dom Omladine

Mixers/ Facilitated networking and open house @Impact Hub Belgrade

Closed door Startup pitches

Limited Spots Only @Impact Hub Belgrade

S P E A K E R S @ReCap

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Make your innovations and initiatives recognised!

The Annual Awards for Innovation and Initiatives celebrate the brightest talents and outstanding organisations, raising standards and sharing best practices throughout the industries, professions and society.  They are the ultimate seal of approval for all those who contribute to economic development, public good and build a better society. Annual Awards for Innovations and Initiatives celebrate exceptional ideas, extraordinary practices and recognise incredible innovation that contributes to creation of innovation eco system and environment of excellence.


Innovation Grand Prix
prize that recognizes the most innovative individual, company and organization

Company of the Year
Non-Profit Organization of the Year
Person of the Year

All application form categories below will be included in the competition for Innovation Grand Prix.



The most innovative industry leaders



The most innovative non profit initiatives



Share with us your knowledge and ideas



Innovation Week Special Awards

This year we want to honour individiuals and organisation, change makers in our society  who bring innovation and to encourage and inspire young people to exhibit their ideas and projects. Thus, we established Special Awards category.

Annual Awards

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We need to share knowledge and information to better understand future and rapidly changing world influenced by global technological and economic landscapes as well as the ethical, moral, legal, and political implications of technologies implementations.


The solutions cannot be offered only by governments and businesses. We want to establish a long term partnerships based on togetherness on all levels that will have a spillover effect and include individuals, families, companies, institutions and communities. By combining synergies we can make greater impact and better society for present and future generations.


Record a short video offering your innovative solution for current local and global challenges via e-mail:


The submissions process will close on Sunday, 5th May at 00:01 GMT+1.

Share your opinion with us. It matters!

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